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Find out how KBBC Kitchens can help on many areas of kitchen design for new or existing kitchens, including kitchen cabinet and counter designs , kitchen islands and tile floor designs around kitchen islands, information on appliances and more. Good color ideas and kitchen design ideas can take time to develop. You need to consider just what you are looking for in new kitchen design that will also hopefully add to the value of your home.

Kitchens today is still the most important room in your home, serving as the main point of activity of your family, the core of the home. It is where the household assembles. In addition to cooking or whatever way of life that might revolve around your kitchens, crafting it into a spot that you can devote your time to is certainly an enjoyable enterprise.

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KBBC Kitchens is the place to be to get free kitchen planning ideas, product data, the most recent advancements, support from professional kitchen designers and hyperlinks to many of the greatest in kitchen designing today. From kitchen cabinet resurfacing ideas to kitchen backsplash design and everything in between. From articles on Contemporary Kitchens, kitchen island design ideas, small kitchen design, online kitchen design, and even information on kitchen remodelers. KBBC Kitchens is your source for all of your design needs. Feel free to search through our site for ideas on beautiful kitchen designs that would appeal to your family's taste.

Gain access to experts on many areas of kitchen designs, plans for new or existing kitchens, including kitchen cabinet and counter designs , kitchen islands and information on appliances and more. A good kitchen design idea can take time to develop. You need to consider just what you are looking for in kitchen remodeling plans that will also hopefully add to the value of your home.

When consulting with KBBC kitchens designing, ideas you get from this site will help you determine priorities and requirements for your kitchen design. Your kitchen plans must embody the capabilities and uses of the room. Among the areas that must be given careful thought are: lifestyle, how you entertain, how you cook and prepare meals, as well as the type of appliances you will need, kitchen appliance trends , etc.

Research is the foundation of functional and beautiful kitchen design. Ideas can be found in articles and books on kitchen designing, architectural style, cabinets, countertops, flooring, faucets and fixtures, as well as decorative lighting . You should also visit our showrooms and kitchen design stores. Of course, the first place you can start is right here at our site. You will find that we have so much information and articles on many aspects of great kitchen designs. An idea, even the smallest like kitchen tile patterns, can mean a more beautiful and functional kitchen for you. Browse our site and you will find many of these ideas, such as unique kitchen storage solutions, keys to a successful kitcen remodel , plans for functional and beautiful kitchen layouts and how to select the right kitchen range hood.

Hopefully you will find the information Kitchen Designers Ideas has to offer to be quite useful. Some new design materials can inspire the style of your kitchen, like a Gloss kitchen cabinets or stainless steel kitchen cabinets . Whether you are designing around a custom kitchen design or designing the two cook kitchens, let these ideas inspire you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Deciding on a Kitchen Design

Deciding on a kitchen design is probably the most important part of kitchen project. It's the design of the kitchens and not its color or its style — that determines how easy it is to cook, eat and socialize in the kitchens. At the most basic level, the layout addresses the placement of the appliances, the sink(s), the cabinets, the counters, the windows and doors, and furniture such as a kitchen table and chairs. If you're building a new home or adding on, you have the luxury of choosing the kitchens that works best for you and your family. If you're remodeling, the structure of the existing home will limit the options.

The most common kitchen layouts include the one-wall kitchens, the Galley kitchens, the U-shaped kitchens, the G-shaped kitchens, and the L-shaped kitchens — some of which can also incorporate an island. Read on to find out the pros and cons of each option, as well as some tips for coping with the layout you already have.

Get Design Flair, Innovation and Beauty With Unique Contemporary Kitchen Design

Looking for innovative kitchen plans? Tired of the same old tired kitchen look? Try something unique with contemporary kitchen design. Contemporary Kitchens are more than just a single element in the room – it's the entire kitchen look and feel.
When considering kitchen designs, you should be mindful of several design factors:
• Cabinets – Contemporary designs will typically feature light wood cabinets (such as alder, ash or birch) or a metal like stainless steel
• Door & Drawer Pulls – Contemporary kitchen design will feature no drawer or door pulls, nor something simple and metallic
• Countertops – Granite or some other solid stone surface is commonly featured in a contemporary kitchen design, as opposed to colored laminates
• Flooring – Wood flooring is most often attributed to Contemporary Kitchens, but you might also try simple ceramic, marble or slate
• Appliances – Most commonly attributed to Contemporary Kitchens is stainless steel
• Lighting – Stained glass, chandeliers and fluorescent banks for lights are conspicuously missing in a truly contemporary kitchen; try recessed lighting or simple hanging lights to focus on specific objects below

Whatever kitchen renovation plans you're considering, you can turn your kitchen into a modern chic cooking center. Be sure you consider all of these design points. Quality designers and well thought out kitchen renovation plans will encompass all aspects of a room, from top to bottom. Let the experts at Kitchen Designers Ideas help in finding your dream kitchen designs. We've got the know-how to make your kitchen renovation plans come true! Contact one of our knowledgeable resources today.

Drawer Inserts and Organisers in Our Kitchens

Do you spend more of your time in the kitchen looking for the utensils or appliances you need than you spend preparing meals? Are you tired of bending over or reaching up to get to the dishes you use every day? If so, it's time to take another look at your kitchen drawers. Don't worry, it won't necessarily require a complete kitchen renovation. You can make the most of what you've got with simple inserts or get a good cabinetmaker to make minor alterations. Read on and learn how to make the most of your kitchen drawers.

Most new kitchens come standard with one plastic cutlery insert for your most-used forks, knives and spoons. The first thing you should do if you want to organise your kitchen drawers is toss those out and upgrade your drawer inserts:
Instead of choosing a single insert with fixed dividers, choose separate inserts of different sizes and configurations. Designed to fit precisely into most standard drawer widths, standard sizes are available for cutlery or for your "junk drawers," choose a variety of sizes and keep things like scissors, tape and pens and pencils in separate containers.

A cutlery drawer organiser that nearly doubles your useable space is a cleverly designed twin divider. The top level slides out of the way to reveal the contents of the bottom trays.

If you're tired of reaching up into overhead cabinets to remove a stack of plates or bowls every time you set the table, consider converting your deeper drawers into plate drawers. Adjustable inserts are available that hold up to 12 plates or bowls gently but firmly in place. They come complete with carrying handles, making setting the table simple.

Many kitchens come with graduated drawer depths. If you have a drawer that is 110mm or more deep and don't know what to do with all your spices, a spice tray is what you need. The spice bottles nestle firmly against a ribbed holder that prevents them from rolling and rattling around when you open and close the drawer. Set on an angle, it's easy to read the labels when you open the drawer.

Kitchen Drawer Ideas for New Kitchens

If you're having a new kitchen built, you can make even more out of your kitchen drawers. Talk to your kitchen designer about alternatives to standard drawer cabinets. Many newer kitchens now include more drawers than cabinet drawers, with shallow drawers on top and deeper drawers or doors underneath. Open your existing underbench doors and you can see how much sense this makes:
There is probably as much as 100mm or more of empty space between the underside of you benchtop and whatever is stacked on your top shelf.

When you want to remove something from the cabinet floor, you have to bend down awkwardly or, if the item you want is at the back of the cabinet, even get down on your hands and knees to reach it.

All that empty space at the top becomes useable for things like food wraps, kitchen appliance accessories and cooking utensils if you simply include a top drawer in every available cabinet. Deeper pot drawers allow you to access your pots and pans easily. With pot and lid storage inserts, you can organise everything even better. Since you can buy drawer inserts for as little as a few dollars and install them yourself, you can get started at making the most of your kitchen drawers today. Better hardware stores often sell them or call in to a local kitchen showroom and ask their advice. They'll be happy to help you and when you're ready for a new kitchens, you'll know who to go to.

Cooking up the Latest Trends in Kitchens

Kitchens have always been the center of a house. It's where everyone congregates at a party, regardless of the host's intentions. It's where the mail, the keys and the family news are dropped on the way in. The kitchen is so important to most people that it is the feature most likely to make or break the purchase of a home. Not surprisingly, the kitchen is a lightning rod for design and lifestyle trends. In addition to such products as cabinets, appliances, and plumbing fixtures (to name only a few), the layout, function, and look of the kitchen continually evolves to meet contemporary lifestyle and needs. Here are a few current trends to consider:

Outdoor kitchens. Once you experience a true outdoor kitchen with a full range of function, you'll never go back to a rollout charcoal grill again. Outdoor kitchens have become a legitimate industry. Manufacturers offer improved products that better withstand the weather (such as polymer-based cabinet fronts) and refreshment centers that more aptly accommodate outdoor needs, such as snacks and beverages.

New fronts. Raised-panel cabinet fronts are a mainstay in kitchens, but the natural wood look is waning a bit in favor of paint finishes in deep reds and lighter greens. Designers mix and match painted and natural-wood finishes to add distinctive style and to identify subtle differences in function. For appliances, popular stainless steel finishes have evolved into brushed metallic and graphite-like looks to broaden the options and upgrade style.

Specialization. Once upon a time, there was only one sink in the kitchen. Now, there can be a handful, serving specific functions and equipped with varying styles of faucets. Long trough sinks, multi-basin designs with integral cutting boards, small bar basins, and deep, single-basin sinks for large pots and pans can dot every corner of the kitchen.

Zoned approach. The advent of secondary spaces has affected the main kitchen. Smaller-capacity appliances and other products have fostered "snack zones" for busy families. Equipped with a microwaveoven, dedicated storage for non-perishables, and various undercounter drawers for refrigerated foods, dishwashing, and warming chores, these zones accommodate a wider (and hopefully healthier) mix of quick meals in a self-contained area.

Secondary kitchens. Also called butler's pantries or prep kitchens, these smaller spaces allow caterers and party-throwers to keep the mess out of the main kitchen (where, as we said, everyone gathers) while also creating a convenient access to food and refreshments from the dining room. Smaller-scale appliances, including warming drawers, built-in coffee makers, and wine chillers, not to mention specialty storage options, suit the function of these spaces. Morning kitchens, located in or adjacent to the master suite, are also gaining popularity.

Center of the universe. The open kitchen plan that includes kitchen, casual eating area and family room is now firmly established. The newest expansion of kitchen function is the kitchen island that extends farther into the living space, serving as an area for homework and crafts, dining and catering, and all-round hangout. Equipped with flush-mounted or concealed under counter electrical outlets, overhead lighting, and ample storage, today's island is considered by many as a home's true center.

If you do not want to replace your entire kitchen an idea to consider now would be to replace only your island with a different cabinetry look and top and incorporate some of the features your kitchen lacks.

We would be happy to work with you whether it is to build a new kitchens, outdoor kitchens or to make changes to your existing kitchens.

Turn Your Kitchen Design Idea From a Dream to Reality

Your kitchen design idea can be a dream that becomes your reality. And the process for creating the dream does not have to overwhelm you. Whether your inspiration is a photos of kitchens from a magazine, a style you saw on a home tour or a renovation at a friend’s home, you can have the kitchen you want, and make it your own reality.

Often, kitchens start with a lifestyle change. Either you have outgrown and become tired of the laminate countertops, dated appliances and space inefficiencies in the kitchen you’ve lived with for years, or you are considering buying another home and plan to upgrade the kitchen in the new residence. Whatever the reason, there’s a kitchen remodeling idea in your future, and it may be in the home you already own. Because the day you begin your house search, you’ll probably find the home you’ve lived in for 15 years can’t be duplicated in today’s market at the price you paid originally. Add the property tax adjustment into the equation, and the cost to relocate can quickly be more than you are willing to take on.

So the option you choose may be what many of your friends and neighbors are choosing: Replace the tired kitchen that no longer serves your needs, and set your sights on a dream kitchens that will make you happy you decided to stay right where you are. It may be a French kitchens or Tuscan style that has captured your fancy. You may envision a minimalist kitchens with clean lines and modern-looking kitchen cabinets with lots of glass. Or, you may be considering matching a kitchen and bath design so you can remodel both at the same time. Like many residents whose homes were built in the 1970s or before, your home is probably a style typical of that period. Or it maybe a bungalow style home with a small kitchen, and you may want to retain the size. You may also be considering a change to your pool or patio area, so an outdoor kitchen design is your priority.

If you live in a newer home, you may be unhappy with the kitchen layout. The location of the cabinets and countertops may be incompatible with your approach to meal preparation, or the color and material may not suit your taste. The first step is to find a kitchen specialist who stays current on the latest in cabinetry, materials and fixtures and is willing to take a personal interest in your unique needs and budget. Just as important is to choose a professional who has been in your community a long time, who offers a kitchen design showroom with a private consultation area, and whose work hours suit your schedule. You’ll get the most realistic kitchen remodelling cost estimate when your kitchen designer spends time with you in both your home and in the showroom. The ideal kitchen designer will listen to your ideas, try to understand your lifestyle, and review the cabinet design, materials and fixture options that match your vision. The discussion should focus on your personal taste, how much time you spend in your kitchen, your meal preparation methods, number of people who take part in meal preparation and how often, and your budget considerations.

Understanding where value and price intersect is a skill you want from your custom kitchen designer. That’s why you want a kitchen designer who will ask pertinent questions – such as how long you intend to remain in your home – to be sure that cost benefit remains part of the budgeting process. Since cabinets are typically the most expensive part of kitchens, a good kitchen designer will start with the cabinetry selection; including material, colour, and door style. He or she will then guide you through the countertop, tile and flooring selections. With so many varieties and cost levels to select from, a good designer will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each component and accompany you on a visit to suppliers when necessary.

While there’s no hard and fast rule for determining a timeframe to complete your dream kitchen, there are certain givens, such as planning to eat out during the installation, a period that could take up to four weeks. Planning – the most critical step – can take from 2 weeks to 6 months. Generally, the cabinets arrive three weeks after the order is placed, during which time we remove the old kitchen and prepare the room. This is followed by the installation of the flooring moving the plumbing and completing any electrical work that may be needed. Once the cabinets are installed, the countertop templates can be created. The countertops are then ordered and custom-made, a process that usually takes one week.

So you’re on your way. You understand the phases in the process. The final step is to help insure a good experience once the contract is signed. Before you go too far in the planning phase, ask yourself some simple questions. Is the kitchen designer you selected willing to work with you every step of the way, and are you confident in his or her abilities? Ask for, and personally contact, references.If they are the happy, chances are you will be too.

Finally, be sure your kitchen specialist has a skilled, stable staff, a name you can trust, and a long history of doing business in your community. That means the company cares about its customers and is in business for the long term. Now you are ready to put the wheels in motion, and your dream is well on its way to coming true.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you looking for modern kitchen design ideas? Maybe you can easily have a kitchen at your home and you can decorate it easily. It’s very important to decorate it because this is the place where you can cook, or maybe you can have meals and maybe if you have large kitchen, you can have a party there. So designing and decorate your kitchen as your desire is important to make you feel you love your kitchen. But now I want to talk about for you, who want to have and desire modern kitchen so you need modern kitchen design ideas.

If you want to break the appealing of your home, you can start to decorate your kitchen. Modern kitchen design is good choice for that. You can have kitchen which is suitable with your needs and desire by using the theme of modern kitchen designs.

Not all people have much money to remodel their kitchen and they think that having good kitchen just for people who have much money. But I don’t think so. Small part of home design is kitchen designing. It’s really possible to have modern kitchen design without spending much money. There are many ways to have modern kitchen design. But the things that you need to remember of modern kitchen design are the basic concept such as theme and your home design.

Designing your kitchen on a theme is the first thing that you need to do when you want to have modern kitchen design. You can build your theme by using the theme of your home. So you just follow what your home theme and you can apply to your kitchen. Your kitchen theme will determine the contents of your kitchen. So you can start to find items which suit with the theme or your kitchen.

There are some modern kitchen design ideas that you can follow to have good kitchens.
Modern Kitchen Design Ideas #1: Remodel or refinish your kitchen cabinets

One way to have modern kitchen design is by coloring them in a new stain. You can choose the color such as red, black and with and etc which make you feel modern design in your kitchen. You can also add chrome handles or revolving shelves to have your kitchen appeal.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas #2: Using Hi-Tech Kitchen Appliances

You can use high technological appliances instead of your old kitchen appliances. Your kitchen appliances also must be upgrade such as stove and chimney and etc.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas #3: Focus on choosing right color and style for your storage cabinet and furniture

If you have enough money to remodel your kitchen you can start to focus in choosing right colors and style for cabinet and furniture. But I think not all people have large kitchens, so if you don’t have large kitchen, you can just paint the wall of the kitchen which merges with your kitchen furniture and wares color.

Red Kitchen Units

Are you considering having red kitchen cabinets? Bold statement can you have if you have red kitchen cabinets. Red is statement color and beside that it does not whisper and yells.

If you want your kitchen emanate warmth and inviting, you have to decide on using bright colors for the kitchen units. One of bright colors that you can choose is red. By using this color you can see your kitchen has a stunning look and adds inviting depth and warmth to your kitchen.

You can find red cabinets which are commonly made of oak, maple, hickory and cherry. Or you can also find the cabinets which made of plywood or polymers. They will be little bit expensive if you compare these cabinets with the cabinets made of metals such as steel.

If we compare red kitchen cabinets with other colors such as white and black kitchen cabinets, you can find that black and white kitchen cabinets are sober but they make and feel colder in appeal. I think red kitchen cabinets are the best options.

You can choose a variety of red shades which available in the market nowadays. Commonly they start from dark shades of red to bright reds. Things that you have to remember is it is not important having complete red colored kitchen cabinet, but the most important is how to choose and make your red kitchen units blend with your kitchen design and style and create spectacular looks.

If you want to paint your existing kitchen cabinets to be red kitchen cabinets, it will be needed three times or more coats of painting to create best result.

If your kitchen cabinets are made of oak wood, you need not to paint them. You just need to sand a little and you can get it stained. By having red kitchen cabinets, you will get contrasting colors with the wall and floors of your kitchen so you can make your kitchens more beautiful.

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