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Looking for contemporary kitchens?

Contemporary kitchens can be a fantastic addition to any modern home, especially if you crave sleek lines and sophisticated style so you can cook and entertain in the most beautiful of surroundings.

And if you choose the right contemporary kitchen design, you will find that your new kitchen never goes out of date.

KBBC has a wide range of contemporary kitchens on offer at our showroom and online. You can choose from the kitchen units, appliances, accessories and worktops that you want to create the perfect modern look for your home.

All about contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary kitchens are easily distinguishable from their traditional counterparts. Modern kitchen design is very much focused on a fuss-free, almost clinically clean look, while traditional kitchens are more rustic by nature.

Where traditional designs have large knobs and handles, natural wood throughout and understated finishes, contemporary kitchens can be identified by their high gloss kitchen units, super modern work surfaces, cutting-edge kitchen appliances and, in many cases, a complete lack of obvious handles of any kind.

This is why contemporary kitchens have become so popular in recent years - their focus on cutting out clutter and hiding or storing away anything that isn't needed right now means they are very much the first choice for those living in modern houses and apartments that are minimalist in design.

Contemporary kitchens and their components

So what are the different elements that make up a typical contemporary kitchen design?

High gloss kitchen units are one of the main components of contemporary kitchens for their modern appearance and their ability to reflect light - which can be something of a boon for small kitchens that need to create the illusion of space.

Wood does have a place in contemporary kitchens - but it has to be of an extremely high quality and have rich, dark tones that perfectly complement the rest of the room.

Kitchen worktops should ideally be as polished and refined as possible and kept free of clutter.

Kitchen appliances play a big role in defining the look of contemporary kitchens - the more technologically advanced they are, the better.

Manufacturers are getting better in terms of creating appliances that offer a wide range of functions and features while also being aesthetically appealing, so you will be able to choose from a number of cookers, ovens, microwaves, fridges and washing machines that will go well with contemporary kitchens.

Lighting is another important way in which modern kitchens can set themselves apart from their traditional counterparts. Recessed lights are proving popular both on the ceiling and above worktops, while pendant lighting with sleek lampshades could be perfect for contemporary kitchens that contain a dining area.

And while large island units can be used in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, they can be particularly striking in modern rooms as a focal point, perhaps with a super-shiny work surface and a sparkling sink, as well as a large pendant light hanging above it.

Buy contemporary kitchens from KBBC

At KBBC, we stock a wide range of contemporary kitchens in a host of different styles and colours.

We know how important it is to buy only the very best products for a modern kitchen and offer an array of kitchen appliances, worktops, accessories and other items to perfectly complement your new kitchen units.

You can talk through your options with one of our kitchen design experts, who will come to your home and guide you through the ordering process once you have decided exactly what you want.

We will also carry out a technical survey and send someone to ensure your new kitchen is properly installed once the various components are delivered.

Our customer helpline can offer any assistance that you might require with your order for your new contemporary kitchen.

For more information on how KBBC can help you create your dream contemporary kitchen, contact ustoday.
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