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Don't be afraid to mix wood types in the kitchen

Published on: 18/01/2011Tiled kitchens 'becoming more popular'

Wood is often the material of choice for those creating a traditional kitchen with a country cottage feel.

It can work for floors, cabinets and even countertops, but according to one designer, many homeowners are reluctant to use more than one type of wood.

In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Tricia Shoup said people often have trouble visualising a kitchen in which wood types are mixed together.

However, using materials from different trees is actually quite acceptable and can result in a dramatic look.

"I tell them to close their eyes and imagine the forest," said Ms Shoup. "There are all different types of trees.

"So naturally, different types of wood go together because they grow together."

The designer also insisted that homeowners can still create a dream kitchen with all the mod cons and some great aesthetic features without breaking the bank.

Indeed, she said there is a real appetite among those on a budget to have a high-quality kitchen with features such as automatic drawer closures and "space-age" cooking ranges.

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