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Top tips for using the right colours in kitchen design

Published on: 15/09/2010Top tips for using the right colours in kitchen design

There are several ways in which homeowners can decide on the best colour scheme for their kitchens, according to two interior designers.

Scott Yetman and Julie Charbonneau of design firm de Poitiers tell the Montreal Gazette that the key is to identify the right base colour first before enhancing it with a variety of textures and colours elsewhere in the kitchen design.

Those looking to create cosy kitchens may do well to make use of warm colours, while homeowners wanting to establish a sense of space should focus on cooler shades, Mr Yetman explains.

However, dramatic colours may not work well in a large room he adds, with Ms Charbonneau recommending taking inspiration from the outside world and sticking to a similar colour palette throughout the property.

"I'd say no way to a red living room and a green kitchen. See how the colours relate to each other, and keep the little rooms a shade or two darker," she remarks.

According to 4Homes, it can be a good idea to use warm colours in rooms that face north - and therefore do not receive much sunlight - and cool colours in south-facing rooms that are likely to be brighter.

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